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A Northampton Senior Center Initiative

Age Friendly Employers

In a recent interview Rich Cooper, the owner of Cooper’s Corner and State Street Fruit Store, was asked a series of questions that focused on hiring people of retirement age. His answers reflected his appreciation of this cohort of dedicated, dependable, and experienced individuals. Discussing the advantages of hiring retired people, he said that he really appreciated their work ethic, dependability, and life-long work experience. He stated that the older worker, through many years of being part of a work force, truly knows what it means to work. Rich especially likes an inter-generational staff. He feels that each generation has something to contribute. He believes that a multi-generational approach to as you walk through the automatic doors of Cooper’s Corner, you sense the energy and vitality of this important Florence landmark. Another thing you notice is that the staff are always friendly, helpful and they represent all ages. As EARN continues to highlight the older worker it is also going to spotlight community businesses that value this population by employing and supporting the older worker.

67 Conz Street
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Northampton, MA  01062